The Winchester Open 2017

Stage 8 of the UKBGF Tour

Photo: King Alfred

Format and Schedule


Saturday will be a 5 round Swiss qualifying tournament of 7 point matches with the top 16 players qualifying for the finals on Sunday. Anyone who wins 5 or 4 matches will automatically qualify, the top eight who win 3 (according to their defeated opponents' number of wins) will go into a 1-pt playoff.

The remaining forty-eight players will qualify for the consolation tournament. This will be seeded so that players with three wins from day one get a first round bye, and players with two wins will be kept apart as far as possible.

Beginners will have a separate Swiss tournament on the Saturday.

The Main finals will be 11 point matches and the Consolation will be 5 point matches.

If you are unlucky enough to be knocked out early in the finals then there is a Last Chance of 3 point matches starting at 12pm.

Optional prize pools will be available for the Main, Consolation and Last Chance. Pool money will be split 2/3 to winner of pool, 1/3 to runner up. (see 'Entry Fees & Pools' section)

There will be cash prizes for the winners and runners up in the Main, Consolation and Last Chance - values will be posted on the day. Trophies also for the winners.

We are organising a table at a nearby curry house for the evening (not included in the fees) - let us know if you'd like to join in. Subject to confirmation, there will also be informal games over drinks afterwards.


Round times after the first each day are approximate.


  • 9.30 - 11.00 Registration
  • 11.00 Swiss round 1 begins
  • 11.15 Beginners' Swiss begins
  • 12.30 Swiss round 2 begins
  • 2.00 Swiss round 3 begins
  • 3.30 Swiss round 4 begins
  • 5.00 Swiss round 5 begins
  • 7.30 Curry - optional! (Not included in fees)


  • 9.45 Draws for Main and Consolation
  • 10.00 Play begins
  • 11.00 Consolation round 2
  • 12.00 Main round 2; Consolation round 3.
  • 12.15 Last Chance begins
  • 13.00 Consolation round 4
  • 14.00 Main round 3; Consolation round 5
  • 15.00 Consolation FINAL
  • 16.00 Main FINAL begins
  • 18.00 Prize-giving and close